A bit about us…

Who the hell are DeltaEcho?

We’re two mates who have built cars, modified bikes, worked doors, worn the green, sunk alcohol and chased women together (ok so it was mainly Delta doing the chasing but I had Echo’s moral support).

Living the Dream wearing the Green

Why would you?

We love a top-quality t-shirt but can’t stand the fact that most of the t-shirts we could buy aren’t made for Aussies. Worse still you gotta mortgage the soul of your first-born just to pay the shipping.  

Both of us were at a crossroads career wise having more than proved that the only employer to ever put up with us long term would be ourselves. Then all it took was a couple of cold ones and “Hey why don’t we start up a t-shirt brand?” “Yeah can’t be that hard.!” A year later, a maxed credit card and many hours on youporn youtube and here we are!

Where does it all happen?

Why the hell would ya set up an Apparel Brand in Rockhampton? Easy that’s where we’re from. And, unless North Korea comes up with a ballistic missile with a range greater than a midget’s left hook and designed to home in on Bull statues, we’re not going anywhere soon.

All our t-shirts are designed and printed in Rockhampton by hand and not outsourced to China or Bangladesh. We might still indulge in a little child labour but they’re our own and believe me they get paid better than us sometimes.

And none of it would be possible without you. We thank you for your time and support.